What can you tell about ForumTec's founders?

ForumTec was founded in 1987 by three innovative engineers on a mission to revolutionize dental care. Today the company is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic dental devices and advanced dental equipment.

What is ForumTec's main area of expertise?

Next to the development, production, and marketing of advanced electronic dental devices and equipment, the company plays like a house of innovations. With a deep understanding of what it takes to translate technology into a commercial success. The company serves as an ecosystem of innovative ideas for its selected group of partners. It provides startups with the resources and mentoring required to drive their success.

Do you offer warranty to your products?

Yes, we offer 2 years of warranty to all ForumTec’s electronic products.

Are your products approved for sale in my county?

ForumTec’s products are FDA and CE approved. It is also approved for dental use in many other markets.
Please check with us on the regulatory status of your market:

How can I order your products?

Forumtec’s products are available in many markets worldwide.
To verify its availability in your market and to be introduced to your local distributor, please send us a message to


Will the Spotter detect any implant?

It will detect all metal implants, of any brand and design.

The Spotter will not detect Zirconium implants

Will it work when scanning without touching the gum?

No, it is required to go on the gum, touching gently the tissue

What is the maximal depth for implant detection?

The Spotter will detect an implant up to the depth of 5mm. This answers most of the clinical requirements.

If it does not identify the implant,

  1. make sure that you either:
    1. Screening steady over the tissue while touching it
    2. Screening and not touching in steps
  2. The patient’s jaw is wide, how can I find the implant?
    1. Screen vertical and Bucco-lingual and make a cross


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