ForumTec’s Quality Commitment

Forumtec is a medical technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures a range of devices for the hi-tech and dental industries. It has a worldwide reputation for its high levels of productivity, quality, and efficiency.

COVID-19: Personal note on root canal treatment

As the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, continues to spread around the world, it is the responsibility of health care providers to do everything possible to reduce the spread of this infection. In order to do so, most dental practices have postponed elective procedures and started to work in an emergency setting only, according to each country’s local government restrictions.

A return to smile about Or, how to turn the new normal into the best normal?

Social distancing and working from home are the new normal, at least as long as the Coronavirus pandemic continues.
During the last 3-4 months, we’ve all experienced an unusual situation. In most parts of the world, The COVID-19 pandemic put us all in lockdown, a situation that has had a powerful impact on our businesses. Dental clinics were or still are closed for any treatment, other than emergencies.


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